People are moving because of climate change.

How are you going to help?


Climate Migrants and Refugees Project

As rising temperatures continue to change human and natural systems, displacement will affect increasing numbers of people around the world.

The Climate Change Migrants and Refugees Project aims to spread the word about this challenge, its potential impacts, and to seek out solutions and connections that will help the people most threatened by climate change live safe, dignified, and prosperous lives.

By recognizing that urban areas play host to many people displaced by climate change, we aim to mobilize cities and urban change-makers to explore how we can integrate the emerging environmental, social, and economic challenges into future urban resilience planning.


Develop resources for cities to respond to the challenge of climate change displacement and resettlement.

Our Process

  1. Initiate and support dialogue between practitioners, academics, migrant and refugee community members, students, and decision-makers to generate ideas and policy suggestions

  2. Continuously return to community stakeholders to refine policy ideas, initiate micro-scale pilot programmes to build local capacity for effective resettlement, and undertake further research. 

  3. Provide local governments and other bodies, such as professional associations, with decision-making tools, best practices, recommendations, and research to support efforts assisting climate migrants and refugees.


Photo credit: NASA, n.d.